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Smith and Kelly, LLC

Purple Chick's Top 26 Preparedness Essentials A-Z Print Version

Purple Chick's Top 26 Preparedness Essentials A-Z Print Version

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We live in a world that is beautiful, yet unpredictable. In order to survive, and thrive, preparedness is an essential asset.

Are you and your family adequately prepared for a civil emergency, pandemic, natural disaster, electromagnetic pulse (E.M.P) or other at-risk event?

This publication, inspired by Proverbs 31,  represents a starting guide to the essentials you need in the event of an emergency occurrence that may leave you and your loved ones vulnerable and at-risk if you are not prepared.

In fact, a daily investment in preparedness can provide emancipation from extremes of anxiety, desperation, and fear...


  • The eBook is in Adobe PDF formate, and will download to your File/Downloads folder.  This is a PRINTABLE Version, 1.7 Mb, 39 pages. It can be read on all devices and printed on your printer!
  • Download is a PDF eBook. 1.68Mb. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. View the eBook in regular "PDF" mode with Adobe Acrobat, not "Liquid Mode"
  • No refunds for lack of knowledge in how to view or print a PDF!


We are a 5-10-10-75™ Managed, Woman owned Enterprise. We intentionally re-invest (Churn) at least 25% of proceeds back into our kinship communities.

Smith & Kelly, LLC 

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